Welcome to the videos section of the site, where we offer entertaining and highly educational content on how to grow medicinal plants. With information on cannabis and mushroom cultivation, complemented by the occasional “Smoke Sess & Chill Vibes”, you are sure to find something that strikes your fancy. 

If you enjoy watching, please leave a comment and let us know what you liked so we can continue making such thought provoking, fun and educational content for your viewing pleasure.

Garden Introduction and Beginner Grow Tips

This is a quick introductory video to my garden, and some basics on auto-flower vs photoperiod plants. Also included a demonstration of how I go about defoliating my young plants towards the end.

Live Mushroom Inoculation - Part 1

This is a recording of a live stream demonstration how to go about inoculating your grain using spore syringes. I premade the spore syringes using spores I collected from a previous grow. Will be making another video soon demonstrating how to go about this process.

Live Mushroom Inoculation - Part 2

This is a continuation of the live mushroom inoculation video, with me just sharing my views on how I see the world and the society we live in today. I really took the opportunity to vent on this one so bear with me. Whether you agree with the views I expressed in this video, or not, I’m curious to hear your thoughts and hopefully we can spark a meaningful and productive conversation.

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