Creamsicle OG – Sticker


MCC Strain, Sativa Hybrid

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MCC Strain, Sativa Hybrid

Indulge in this exquisite creation of our in-house master grower, meticulously cultivated within our controlled indoor environment, employing solely organic cultivation methods. Delight in the unmistakable aroma reminiscent of zesty orange soda, a truly unique sensory experience.

Thanks to our carefully curated processes of growth, drying, and curing, the complete cannabinoid profile can be savored with each fragrant puff. Prepare for a potent, invigorating cerebral high that seamlessly combines relaxation and euphoria. Admire the stunning buds adorned with hints of vibrant green, purple, and orange, truly a sight to behold.


Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce


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